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Unexpected IPv6 Behavior on Linux

Linux has some strange default IPv6 behavior. Here are a few things I noticed…

You can bind to a port on an IPv4 address while all of your tools will report that the port is on IPv6. For example, if your host is, you can bind to ::FFFF: and all state-checking tools like netstat, ss or lsof will report the listener as on an IPv6-port. You can do this in netcat with nc -6 -l ::FFFF:

Linux appears not to have the concept of default IPv6 rules with default ACCEPT everything. Instead, running ip6tables-save will simply return a blank output without an error code. In a small deployment you can catch this, but in a mass deployment scenario it could become a dangerous gotcha.

By default, binding to all IPv6 addresses will also bind to all IPv4-addresses. This can be changed by setting the sysctl net.ipv6.bindv6only to 1. This seems like a very poor default.