Farhan's Personal and Professional Blog


Hi! I’m Farhan. As the sub-title says, this is my personal and professional technical blog. It is designed to showcase my contributions to the IT sector.

I’m a tech enthusiast, both for business and pleasure. I work professionally in IT Security and Penetration Testing and I am particularly interested in low-level programming, systems design, radio, IPv6 (check this site’s IPv6 address :), FreeBSD, Linux, security, and anything in “the world of the electron and the switch”.

You can ping me at the email in my PGP key (obfuscated to prevent spam). Mastodon at, Session as 052daf2e85c875ae3dca7cf4d589bd06c8149a7847c6ba426aa29ba227f0971963 XMPP as…and was rootx11 on AIM 🙁