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Rebuilt This Blog

I rebuilt this blog after a few months of having it down.

Long story short, I ran the blog off of WordPress and self-hosted on my personal server for years. When I moved into a house and migrated off my personal server, I somehow lost the wp_content.sql file, and only that file, somewhere in the mix. An accidental deletion? Who knows. So all posts died. Bummer. Fortunately, I was able to rebuild the content from Wayback Machine (seriously) and Google Cache (yeah, seriously).

I also had a daughter, so rebuilding this was pretty low priority compared to doing a diaper ❤️ .

Additionally, I wanted to switch from Wordpress to Hugo for two reasons:

  • All of my content was static anyways, so a static site generator is more sane than Wordpress and…
  • I have had a shift in mindset, away from bespoke, manual systems towards commodifition, having everything checked in “as code” and deployed via a pipelines.

Going forward, I plan to write about the shift in mindset and why I think its a better path forward for the industry as a whole, with a focus on the BSDs as a subset of the industry and regular hackers like me who are stuck in the 90s.